Cyber – I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means!


Be honest – do you cringe when you hear others using the word “cyber?” You are not alone. And now that the media uses “cyber” in every conceivable context, the public is completely confused. If you ask ten people what “cyber” means, you will get ten different answers! Many in our profession continue to perpetuate these lexical faux pas, parroting what they hear without fully understanding the meaning of what they are saying. At many talks, attendees play games often betting on the number of times “cyber” will be used in each talk!

As specialists in information security, we should be choosing our words carefully and conveying the clear meaning of those words. Allowing the media and other non-technical people to dictate the language we use to describe the intricacies of our profession leads to more harm than good. The InfoSec world is changing rapidly and we should be the ones leading the way. Using the proper language is critical to better understanding for everyone.

This talk will dig into the evolution of the use of “cyber” while attempting define the proper terms we all should be using to describe the various realms of our profession. We will examine these realms and set a solid lexical foundation that will help us all be better prepared when explaining highly technical concepts to the average non-technical person. The goal – better security for everyone.

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