Building A Simple Graylog Server on CentOS 7 For Log Analysis

In today’s world of constant, ongoing cyber attacks, administrators are seeking new and innovative ways to analyze existing log data to learn what is normal behavior and uncover compromise. Until

Microsoft AD DNS Debug Logging Format Error

I have been doing some experimentation in hopes of exporting and analyzing Microsoft AD DNS debug logs. The project goal is to export the relevant data to a Graylog analyzer

Building A Killer pfSense Home Router / Firewall

Hacking and information theft has become a booming business in recent years. Countless stories of large, well-known corporations being compromised have made everyone aware of just how vulnerable one becomes

DNS Amplification Attack Against Scalable DNS

This morning I noticed a large number of the following DNS queries: Source: Query: Type: A These queries were arriving at a constant rate of 5000 per minute